Accept Terms of Service?

There are new terms of service. You need to accept them before proceeding with the use of ILIAS. Read the following document carefully and give your consent or dissent at the bottom of the page.

This Summary of Terms of Service mainly covers your obligations as user.

The full version, which also describes the benefits of PHTG is available online at "Public tenders / AGREEMENT ILIAS PHTG" in the ILIAS repository.

The hereby granted right of ILIAS use is not transferable aund only conceded to you. As a user you are entitled to use,
display, download and print the materials that are available at ILIAS. This right applies only to personal and non-commercial use. You agree not to reproduce ILIAS materials for other purposes, not to sell, to transmit, to publish or make available for others.

By using the ILIAS under the terms of this agreement, you assure that:

        the information you have submitted to the PHTG, to register as a users is complete, accurate and currently valid and
        that you will not communicate your username and password to anyone.

The authorization to use ILIAS and the right to use the ILIAS materials is basically limited. For students, the general alumni regulation of PHTG and PMS applies. For participants of training courses and for external users the respective agreements with the provider are obligatory.

The PHTG may suspend access to the ILIAS materials partly or entirely or terminate users authorization, if ILIAS materials are used (by you or by anyone else who, under use of your ID and password, has access to ILIAS) in a way which violates this Agreement.

The PHTG may also deny access to the ILIAS platform, if you offend the religious feelings of other users and if user spread pornography, racist comments or other offensive or personality infringing content on ILIAS. The same is valid if you use the ILIAS platform PHTG for commercial purposes or for mass mailings.

Kreuzlingen, 01.09.2008